Four Tips For Working Out In Hotels

When you hit the road for a vacation or business trip, staying in shape can be a real challenge. You are often eating on the run or indulging in treats, and it can be difficult to find a spot to work out. But even when you’re staying in hotels, you can get your fitness on. If you’re not sure how to do it, these four ideas can help you on your next road trip.

Fitness Center

Many hotels have a fitness center or gym on the premises, so it is easy to work in a couple of miles on the treadmill or 30 minutes on the elliptical each day, even if you are on vacation or a business trip. If your accommodations do not offer their own fitness center, check with the front desk to see if there may be a deal with a nearby gym that allows you to get a discounted day pass during your stay so you can work out each morning before you head out or in the evening after you have returned from your daily activities.


If you are not a fan of gym workouts, try making use of outdoor locales around your hotel that allow you to stay active. Check the area for parks, trails, or recreational areas where you can walk, run, play sports, or engage in other outdoor activities. You can exercise even if you are staying in an urban area that doesn’t have many park areas. Go for a walk or run through local neighborhoods using a fitness tracker app on your phone to make note of how far you go.


Most hotels have rooms that are large enough for basic workouts, so bring some exercise DVDs with you on your trip and use your laptop or a DVD player from the front desk to follow along with your favorite workout. You don’t even need DVDs to do a room workout, though. Streaming services provide access to exercise videos on your laptop, tablet, or phone, so you can always find a routine to fit in during your trip. If you don’t have a membership to a streaming service, try searching YouTube for free workout videos that can help you stay in shape on the road.

Personalized Circuit

If you prefer a more low-tech approach to fitness, you can still complete a workout in your hotel room while traveling. Just come up with a circuit of basic exercises that don’t require equipment or an abundance of space. You can start with jumping jacks or running in place to get your heart pumping, and move on to strength-training exercises, such as push-ups, crunches, and lunges. Repeat the circuit as many times as necessary to work up a sweat.


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